2006 West Texas Church of the Nazarene Campmeeting
Recorded June 5-11, 2006

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  1 - Stephen Manley- Monday P.M.

  2 - Stephen Manley - Tuesday A.M.

  3 - Jeremiah Bolich  - Tuesday P.M.

  4 - Jeremiah Bolich  - Wednesday A.M.

  5 - Stephen Manley - Wednesday P.M.

  6 - Stephen Manley - Thursday A.M.

  7 - Jeremiah Bolich  - Thursday P.M.

  8 - Jeremiah Bolich  - Friday A.M.

  9 - Stephen Manley - Friday P.M.

10 - Stephen Manley - Saturday A.M.

11 - Jeremiah Bolich  - Saturday P.M.

12 - Stephen Manley - Sunday A.M.

13 - Marlon King, Missionary - Sunday Afternoon

14 - Jeremiah Bolich - Sunday P.M.

15  - Stephen Manley Tuesday AM Bible Study

16  - Stephen Manley Wednesday AM Bible Study

17  - Stephen Manley Thursday AM Bible Study

18  - Stephen Manley Friday AM Bible Study

19  - Sunday School


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