Mission 2007 Church of the Nazarene
"Into Faith... Out to the World" Mid-Quadrennial Conference on Missions & Evangelism
Recorded February 19-21, 2007, Kansas City, Missouri

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1. Affirming Pastors/Clergy

Dr. Dan Boone

Mon., Feb. 19 - 7:00 p.m.

2. Compassion/Justice

Dr. Oliver Phillips

Tues., Feb. 20 - 10:00 a.m.

3. Evangelism & the Future

Dr. Reggie McNeal

Tues., Feb. 20 - 7:00 p.m.

5. Commissioning Service

Dr. Nina Gunter

Wed., Feb. 21 - 7:00 p.m.


6. Creating Narrative Sermons

Dr. Dan Boone

Tues., Feb. 20 - Noon

7. Multi-Site Ministry

Geoff Surratt

Tues., Feb. 20 - Noon

8. Beyond Sunday to Every Day

Dr. Woodie Stevens

Tues., Feb. 20 - Noon

9. Beyond Multicultural Ministry

Gabriel Salguero

Wed., Feb. 21 - Noon

10. Warming the Climate for Women Clergy

Dr. Nina Gunter

Wed., Feb. 21 - Noon

11. Who’s Responsible for Passing on the Faith?

Ivy Beckwith

Wed., Feb. 21 - Noon


12.   How to Develop Wholly Devoted Followers of Jesus Christ

Stan Toler

13.   Intimate Encounters with Christ

Frank Moore

14.   Maximizing Your Ministry

Randy Berkner

15.   Strengthening Church Ministry: Applying Spiritual Gifts to Ministry Needs

Danny Gales

16.   Teaching Revelation to Today’s Postmodern Crowd

Dan Boone

17.   The Vital Role of the Smaller Church in a MegaChurch World

Gene Williams


18.   Making a Difference to Those Impacted by End of Life Issues

Charles Roberts

19.   Making a Difference to Those Impacted by Health Crisis

Merv Friberg and Chip Pieper

20.   Making a Difference to Those Impacted by Incarceration

Barry Cook, Deborah Tanasiecuk & Gaetano Franzese

21.   Making a Difference to those Impacted by Military Separation

Erik Lee

22.   Making a Difference to Those Impacted by the Workplace

Don Dunlap

24.   Bridging the Generations

Margaret Tyler

25.   God Still Calls Children

Cindi Schimmelfennig

26.   Reaching Community Kids and Families

Matt Zimmer

27.   Seeing the World Through Biblically-tinted Glasses

Janyne McConnaughey

28.   Teaching Kids Authentic Worship

Kris Mitchell

29.   Unraveling the Mysteries of Postmodern Kids

Ivy Beckwith

30.   Biker Sunday

Steve Combs & David Middendorf

31.   Creating a Culture of Marriage in the Local Church

Jim Pettit

32.   Extreme Makeover: Renovating Sunday School

Mark Maddix

33.   Men’s Ministries: Guiding Men on the Journey

Marshall Duke

34.   Single Adult Ministry in the Local Church

Linda Hardin

35.   Steps to Creating a Family Friendly Church

Jim Pettit

36.   Training Christian Disciples for Ministry in the 21st Century

John Comstock

37.   HIV/AIDS Ministry

Erika Rios

38.   NCM for NMI

Cort Miller

39.   Social Justice

Neil Sweeden

40.   Social Justice, Compassion and College Students

Joel Tooley

41.   A Christian Response to the HIV Pandemic

Max Rodas

42.   A Wesleyan Theology of Mission: Evangelism, Mercy and Justice

Ron Benefiel

44.   Re-Ordering St. Stephen: Finding Our Place in a Brave New World

Dan Soliday & Brian Postlewait
45.   Turn It Over or Turn ‘Em Off: How to Transition NMI to Gen-Next Daniel Ketchum, Rob North & Giovanni Monterroso

46. A Model for Assessing Licensed Ministers and Ordinands

Danny Gales

48. Becoming a Revolutionary Church

Dwight Gunter

49. Building a Great Staff

Mark Fuller & Don Bowman

50. Current Developments in Biblical Studies

Roger Hahn

51. Current Developments in Contemporary Theology

Tom Noble

52. Current Developments in Wesleyan Theology

Steve McCormick

53. Focused Ministry: Formation, Discernment and Transformation

Dean Blevins

54. Intentional Mentoring in the Local Church: Duplicating Your DNA

Jerry Moen

55. Is He Just Preaching or is He Telling the Truth?

Stan Reeder

56. LeaderShop: Communicating the Story within the Context of the Congregation’s Story

Darrel Harvey

57. LeaderShop: Evangelism and Outreach in the Healthy Small Church

Wayne Brown

58. LeaderShop: Handling Conflict in the Healthy Small Church

Ken Mills

59. Living the Lordship Lifestyle: Above and Beyond Generosity

Kerry Willis

60. Online Theological Education Opportunities

Michael Vail

61. Outcome-based Clergy Education


62. Roles of District Boards in Ordination

Michael Vail

63. SLD - Heartbeat of a Healthy Church: Committed Lay Disciples

Robert Hake

64. SLD - Heartbeat of a Healthy Church: Inspiring Worship Events

Janine Tartaglia Metcalf

65. SLD - Heartbeat of a Healthy Church: Kingdom Community Relationships

Gay Leonard

66. SLD - Heartbeat of a Healthy Pastor and a Healthy Church

Ken Crow & Rich Houseal

67. SLD - Heartbeat of a Healthy Pastor: Effectual, Fervent Prayer

Elmer Gillett

68. SLD - Heartbeat of a Healthy Pastor: Need Oriented Ministry

Gabriel Salguero

69. Specifically for You in Your First Five Years of Ministry

Dan Copp

70. The Blank Canvas: Is There Space for Creativity in Your Worship?

Gene Tanner

71. The Heart of Relational Holiness

Tom Oord

72. The Sacred Art of Black Preaching

Oliver Phillips

74. Women in Ministry: Biblical Foundations and Resources

Judi Schwanz

75.   Building Community on a Secular College Campus

Steve & Berna Proffitt and Sean & Lisa Heston

76.   Contemporary Issues at the Secular University

Carlton Harvey

77.   Discipleship on the Secular College Campus

Sean Heston, Berna Proffitt & Courtney Dueming

78.   Funding Your Ministry on a Secular Campus

David Kyncl, Steve Proffitt & Courtney Dueming

79.   Reaching Your Local Secular College Campus: Getting Started

David Kyncl

80.   Secular Campus Ministry and the Local Church

David Kyncl & Brent Hardesty

81. A District Prayer Network

Larry Dennis & David Nixon

82. A Theology of God’s Manifest Presence

Steve Weber & Gary Schmitz

83. All Kinds of New Churches

Ian Fitzpatrick

84. Avoiding New Church Landmines: Years 2-10

Bill Wiesman

85. Breaking the 200 Barrier

Bill Sullivan

86. Building Your Ministry Action Plan

Mike Morris

87. Can We Prepare Our Communities for God’s Presence?

Steve Weber & Gary Schmitz

88. Designing the Right Structure and Securing the Right People

Greg Ligon

89. Enfolding New Members

Gene Tanner

90. Finding New Church Pastors

Wes Humble

91. Getting Started in Multi-Site

Geoff Surratt

92. How Prayer Evangelism Works


93. Leading for Spiritual Formation

Jeremy Gomez

94. Multi-Site Leadership Development Breakout

Mac Lake

95. Multi-Site Organizational Structure and Finance

Chris Mavity

96. Multi-Site Technical Needs and Answers

Dennis Choy

97. Multi-Site What’s Happening Here

Larry Osborne

98. New Church Resources You Need to Know

Scott Lowry

99. Planning for a Year of Evangelism Impact

Stan Toler

100. Preparing Your Church for the Presence of God

Steve Weber & Gary Schmitz

101. Research Techniques for the Local Church

Ken Crow & Rich Houseal

102. Seizing Your Power Team: Recruiting Volunteers

Dorzell King

103. Servant Evangelism: The Profound Community Connection and the Many Payoffs

Brad Kochis

104. Shaping the DNA of a New Church

Brad Kochis

105. Sharing a Building to Sponsor a New Congregation

Jossie Owens

106. Small Beginnings and Strong NewStarts

Larry Dahl

107. Starting Intercultural Churches

Steve Ottley

108. The Life that Attracts the Presence of God

Steve Weber & Gary Schmitz

109. Urban New Churches

Doug Boquist

110. Using Demographics in the Local Church

Dale Jones & Rich Houseal

111. When a Merger Worked: Lessons We’ve Learned

Bryan Davis

112. Worship Design for Evangelism

Wes Humble
Mission Strategy:

113.  Celebrating Ethnic Diversity While Preserving Unity

Oliver Phillips

114.  Holiness in the Hood: Is it Possible?

Sam Vassel

115.  How Can a Church Minister if it Stays in the City?

Kevin Ulmet

116.  Incorporating the Immigrant Community into the Ministry of the Church

Gustavo Crocker

117.  Preaching Justice Every Sunday: The Prophetic Voice and the Pastor’s Heart

Oliver Phillips

118.  Why Some City Churches Succeed and Others Don’t

Wenton Fyne

119.  Continuum of Care: A Whole Student Ministry from Kindergarten through College

Mike Ford

120.  Creating the Future: Ministry and Urban Youth

Richard Griffiths

121.  Emerging Spiritually

Tim Keel & Mike King

122.  Emerging Theology

Jon Middendorf

123.  Families and Systems: Ministry to the Whole

Richard Griffiths

125.  Leading Youth in Worship

Barefoot Ministries

126.  Missional Approaches to Community

Tim Conder

127.  Reckoning with Intuition: Rediscovering Imagination and Releasing Creativity in the Local Church

Tim Keel

128.  The Church in Transition

Tim Conder

129.  The Jungle of Junior High Hormones and Hyperactivity

Elizabeth Bjorling

130.  What is Emergent?

Tim Keel, Mike King, Sean Heston, Jon Middendorf, Greg Horton & Brian Hull

131.  Managing Money God’s Way

Matt Schoenfeld

132.  Stewardship or Stuart’s Ship: Teaching Stewardship to Kids

Tom Felder

133.  The 21 Ways to Fund Your Vision

Stan Toler

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