The Waiting School X
Recorded May 22-24, 2009, Delaware, Ohio

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#1 - General Session - Rev. Elaine Pettit - Fri. P.M.

#2 - General Session - Dr. Peter Lundell - Sat. A.M. - Holiness Revival Here & Now

#3 - General Session - Rev. Elaine Pettit - Sat. A.M.

#5 - School of Holiness - Rev. Benjamin Pettit - Sat. Afternoon - The Importance of Sound Doctrine

#7 - Sunday School - Dr. Peter Lundell - Sun. A.M. - Spiritual Warfare: Light in Darkness

#8 - Morning Worship - Rev. Elaine Pettit - Sun. A.M.

Worshop Sessions:

#10 - Intercessory Prayer: One Woman’s Journey - Wendy Mobley


#11 - A Journey into the Ordinary: Staying in Step with the Spirit Outside of Private Prayer - Melissa Hess


#12 - Inner Healing Through Our New Covenant Identity - Rev. Christopher Jackson


#13 - What Our Games Tell Us (Teen Emphasis) - Rev. Christopher Pettit


#15 - Extended Fasts - Rev. Cecil Jones


#16 - “Father, Son, and ___.” Depending on the Holy Spirit for your Children’s Ministry - Rev. Darla Kearce


#17 - Dealing with Depression - Diane Lindauer


#18 - The Power of the Spoken Word - Debbie Hines


#19 - A Plainer Account of Christian Perfection - Daniel Mobley


#21 - Why Children are Prime Targets of Pornography Industry - Rev. Peter Migner


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